Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I hope I'm not just benefitting from holiday donks and 100nl continues to be beatable for me.  I played ~900 hands today and turned -$300 at one point into +$70 in about 4 hands in the last 20 min or so.  I could guess at my total results for this week in Defiance where I've played almost all 100nl without a hud, but I'll just let myself be surprised when I import it into HEM tomorrow.  I'm also 2 days away from Ironman.  That $200 bonus is gonna be some nice extra incentive to play in January.  I have no excuse not to keep getting ironman in January and on since I'm still unemployed.

I got a digital picture frame for christmas.  I'm not sure what to do with it yet.  I'm sure there are some funny possibilities.  I'm thinking I might just round up a bunch of motivational or funny quotes and put them on a black background and put it on a slideshow next to my computer.  That could be a nice option once I have a decent sample.

I also bought myself a pair of adidas clamshells for christmas with some gift cards I got.  They're classy and I love them.

The family is good and I'm happy I got to spend some time with them, but I'm sick of them already.  I'm going back to my apartment tomorrow.  I wish my brother/sister IL/nephew could have stayed longer, but I understand their situation.  My nephew is awesome btw.  That said, I am never having kids....ever.  You know why?  Fuck that, thats why.  My nephew is 1.  my brother is 32.  He's gonna be taking care of that kid till he's 49.  Every time I think about the whole kids situation the more I think its an awful idea.  I can't imagine I'll ever want to devote 18 years of my life to taking care of somebody financially and as a guardian.  That is 18 years you never get back.  That is a LOT of money you probably never get back(unless your kid is balla).

My sister will have kids, my brother will have one more I think.  My parents should be satisfied with that.  I can get a dog or something.  I wonder how much a vasectomy is.  I wouldn't want something to happen by accident.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Poker is going well.  I don't have numbers with me, since I'm in Defiance on my laptop, but my BR is closing in on 4k.  I'm mostly taking shots and trying to move up to 100nl, and so far its going well.  Since I don't have stats on most 100nl players I don't feel like I'm missing out on much by playing on my laptop, which doesn't have HEM.  My hours have been way down this week, but I'm still putting in 1k+ hands a day.  I'm on track to hit ironman with 1 day that I can still miss.

Christmas is fun.  I saw my nephew for only the 3rd time, even though he's almost 2.  The layer of ice over NW Ohio that we've had for the last 2 weeks is annoying though, as driving is just a pain.  I kind of want to get back to Toledo, though, so I think I'll head back on the 26th.  I rented Lost Odyssey on a whim just before I left and after a few days playing it I'm completely engrossed in it.  That and I started playing starcraft again.  So I'm kind of limited in what I can do in Defiance.  Its just poker and TV to help me fill the hours.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poker is going well.  After a 10k hand breakeven stretch(ugh) I ran hot for a bit and I'm up $750 for the month through 20k hands.  Thats a shade under 4 ptbb/100, but with rakeback its looking pretty good.  I've made a few minor changes to my game that I think is helping.  Of the 10 sessions since dropping $250 on the 1st, 9 of them have been winning sessions.  I could very easily hit 3k in the next few days since my rakeback will be coming in on Friday.  I'm not putting in the hours I originally intended, but it seems like a dumb goal to go by anyway.  Instead I'm just gonna go by hands played.  I'm gonna try to put in 60k for the month, which I'm on pace for now, but with christmas coming up its gonna be pushing it.

My sleep has been sporadic.  I'll sleep from 1-7am, put in a session, watch some tv, take a "nap" at 2pm, sleep till 7pm, play some more, go to bed at 6am, sleep till 10am, poker, sleep, etc...  I don't think I've been awake for more than about 10 hours in the last week.  I have no structure right now, which is somewhat offputting.  I need to do something about that, because this isn't good for me I'm sure, and I'm not enjoying being tired all the time.

Friday, December 5, 2008

You have to love playing 3300 hands in a session, be down multiple buyins for 99% of it, and make it all up plus some in the last ~20 hands.

I played one session early for only about 500 hands, and made $70 in the process. I felt pretty good about it but needed to get more volume in, so I started my 2nd session at about 10pm. Pretty early I had dropped a few buyins, I remember a QQ vs KK hand I probably could have gotten away from, but I'm apparently not good enough to do that yet. After that it was all downhill. Lots of losing small pots and even got 5-bet pushed by AJ into my QQ that I ended up losing. At one point I was down about over 4 BI and lost a decent sized hand to a donk when I made what I thought was a pretty decent river bluff only to be called down by 3rd pair. At this point I started to tilt, and this hand happened. Not too proud of that one, but I was running about 3 BI below EV for the session at that point and that hand evened that up pretty much.

I should have quit after that since I obviously wasn't clear headed enough to be playing. I didn't, though, still wanting to get even for the day. I probably played another 1k hands before I was around the -$130 mark. Then finally caught some luck(aside from the tilt hand.

AA vs KK semi deep
hit a flush draw
$189 side pot, lightest deep stackoff ever.

I ended up +75 for the session, and about +145 for the day. just under 4k hands for the day. ALL of my stats (w$wsf, w$sd, w$wosd) would indicate a losing day if looked at by themselves. Even my set% has been very low this week. Nothing I can do about that one, but I've been throwing a lot of money at small-mid PP with pfr and c-bets, it'd help if my hit % was a little closer to par.

Probably close to $50 in rb today and over 1k FTP I'm sure. I'm definately liking the volume I'm putting in, the first "full" rakeback payment I'll get since starting to put in a lot of volume won't come in till next friday. At this point it should be about $105 as of right now with the rest of today through Monday yet to be played. I could see myself hitting $250 in rakeback for a week! Keep the volume up for a month and thats 1k just in rakeback! Son of a bitch, this is actually starting to seem doable.

Given my play today, I'm considering taking it easy tomorrow session wise. Though I'm greedy, and if I can clear my head and convince myself to play smart I may just say fuck it and go on as normal. I don't know if I'll hit 40 hours for the week. I'm at just over 21 hours right now according to HEM. I'm not too worried about it obviously. If I put in 35 hours I'm not gonna kill myself to get another long session in, especially over the weekend.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I took like 2 weeks off from cash games for some reason and played pretty much only sngs on the laptop.  Since I'm now unemployed I figured I'd try putting in 40 hours of poker this week and see if its something doable.

My first day(monday) didn't exactly go well.  I played 8 hours, approximately 3200 hands, all 4 tabling.  I finished down ~250.  Not exactly an encouraging start.  A few things were encouraging.  I had awful luck vs shortstacks, I was probably down $200 just vs 40bb

Tuesday I ended up going to bed early without putting in a session because, well, my sleep schedule sucks lately.  I went to bed at midnight and woke up at about 6am.   I'm gonna try to stay in a similar schedule for a while, I don't really want to go back to the 2pm-7am schedule anymore.

Today I put in 2500 hands 6 tabling 50nl.  I was up over 400 when i finally put an end to the session.  Thats definately encouraging after seeing my br down under $1600 yesterday.  Now I'm back near the 2k mark.  I made about $30 in rb one top of that and close to 800 ftp.  I'll probably put in another session later tonight.  I feel pretty comfortable 6 tabling, surprisingly.  I started to get impatient playing 4 tables, and can't really 8 table without cascading.  with 6 tables I can play with some overlap but still pay attention to all the tables.  Not to mention it gets me more hands in, which is always a plus.  Only problem is now I want a bigger moniter, and I'm not sure the situation would be any different with a 24".  If I go dual moniters it would fix the overlap problem, but I'd really like to have a 30".  That's just not in the budget right now.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm done with tournaments for the forseeable future.  They've just been a drain on my br these last few weeks and I don't like the structure of 90% of online tournaments, so I'm gonna leave them be for a while.

My BR finally got back to 2k today.  About $72 in rakeback put me over the top.  Not bad considering the ~$300 i've blowin in MTTs recently, but oh well.  Hopefully I've gotten that out of my system.  Next week I'm really going to focus on getting some 50nl hands in, as lately my FTP have been coming half from sngs and tournies and half from cash game sessions.  I actually only have about 5k hands put in this month, and I'm up over $300 in those sessions. 

I'm gonna go ahead and set a goal for myself to get my BR up to 3k by the end of November.  I'm up over $1k in cash games, mostly 25nl actually, in the last ~3.5 weeks, so I don't see any reason why this isn't doable.  That would put me in good shape to start taking shots at 100nl in December.

oh yeah.  I'm finally up at 50nl.  In just under 60k hands I managed to be down $1,421 at one point and now I'm up $81.  I owe the comeback to variance being fucking stupid.